Beit Berl Academy

Education, Culture & Arts

Higher education called us back to the basics

In the modern world of education, Beit Berl unites its various branches to create more options, tools and skills for personal and proffessional development. The brands offering revolves around a wide variety of products – internal collaborations that will craft more experience in more fields, opening doors to more diverse fields of occupations and a broader educational life.

The challenge was divided into two: how, in a constantly changing field, can we stand out without using worn-out messages? And how do we leverage brand assets so that they give birth to an appealing and up-to-date product for the students and academic staff?

One College, three languages, endless possibilities

Under the title “infinite possibilities” we communicated the field of education as a never ending, flexible and multi disciplined journey.
Education itself is the narrative that connects between community, culture, cinema and social work. In future education there will be less boundaries and the the brand’s purpose will be teaching young minds how to create talented, multi-skilled teachers. We presented a brand architecture built of faculties and classes but also an innovative “mix and match” method in which the students combine a wide variety of skills and gain more. We have developed a new designed language, motion guides and a precise user experience & interface, offering both visual and verbal solutions.

The result: a brand that expresses clearly in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The future is not unambiguous, why should any of us be?