Skin and more

Skincare Household

One big happy family?

We met a pair of brilliant pharmacists who have developed a considerable number of cosmetic and therapeutic appliances that have been sold for a long time in drugstores, pharmacies, nature stores and HMOs. The challenge: The company itself had no brand equity, there was almost no connection between the families of the various products. Also, the company’s website wasn’t sales-oriented. Solution: The new brand constitutes a business framework for the various sub-brands and products. The creative strategy required an exciting story. We wanted to connect the qualities and results on the one hand, and the different product lines to a clear brand model on the other. Above all, we were required to create a platform that could also appeal to distributors, partners and consumers. Consolidation, Here we come.

More Than Skin Deep

Skin and more presents the idea of one home, one name that is signed on the wide range of product under it. Behind the scenes, a new brand has emerged. While relying on all the quality of the existing company, it brought with it new assets connecting it to nature, but also to technology. We produced a series of photographs and films, designed packages and a moving story of an accessible brand that meets a diverse audience both on the various sales floors and online.