A Boost of Success

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Dror Einav

How to tell a story of financials in a sensual, exciting and motivating way?

Samurai is a financial advisory agency, working with SMB’s. The thing is, we, as an audience, don’t have room for more pictures of business people in suits, shaking hands over a random graphs. This generic appearance is worn out and fails to produce disruption or excitement. The solution we were looking for arose from defining the brand’s product hierarchy in a methodic yet creative approach.

The 5S's of success

We have redefined the product hierarchy in a very clear way – 5S’s, each of which provides a solution in a different field – business plans, credit and financing, financial management, organizational consulting and mortgage financing. The customer easily finds himself in that map of products, understands what he gets and knows how to benefit solutions tailored to his messures. We have defined a user journey that connects the customer to the brand and makes him a partner in the process, with the understanding that every success story is a two-way story.
The creative strategy was tagged  – A Boost of success/self-confidence/creativity and more and in accordance to that strategy we developed a creative product that connects all of its parts into one holistic picture.