The Beating Heart of Commerce

Challenge: Less old fashioned, more fin-tech
Masav is a banking organization that stands behind the technological infrastructure for Israel’s payments clearing. Masav began an internal change process – a transition from a service company to a financial solutions brand. Our challenge was to locate all the strengths that existed in the old corporation and connect them to the emotional and functional benefits of a renewable, technological brand, one that is suitable for working with fin-tech companies, one that knows how to connect big data to real life.
Solution: The heart of Israel’s financial system
Masav is a critical information junction at the heart of the economy. From big banks to the private pocket of each of us, it plays a major part, and like a human heart, it is responsible for energy flowing to the entire body, knowing how to point out anomalies and making sure that each part of the body keeps working. The organizational transition and change has allowed Masav to become a relevant player that provides creative solutions – an active brand that improves processes and offers financial tools on which salaries, cash clearings, digital wallets and digital coins perform. All that, while maintaining information secured. From this we ever beating heart we drew our inspiration.