Maelys Cosmetics

Cosmetics, Skin Care & Lifstyle

A cosmetic brand that will rub you the right way
The real work in for Maelys’s branding process began with the brand’s commitment to responsibility. The key was the creation of a qualitative appeal for a wise brand-consumer-persona. The strategic line – Mind or Body led the company to take control of its production line and develop unique products derived from an understanding of what its customers are really looking for.
A global e-Commerce brand playing with the big timers

The move to an international market required solutions that position the brand in line with the world’s largest cosmetic players. We produced photographic material and films, we built an image website alongside an advanced store that offers over thirty products, among them the leading Re-Shaping series, we designed a series of packages and a present social language. The result: A global brand that continues to make many customers feel better in their own skin.